My ootd – Friday

Hello beautiful 🌹
Finally it's Friday and i hope you guys are as excited as i am because who doesn't likes holidays right 😊

What am i wearing today is as simple as am what going to say- it's just a shirt and a legging, having a leggings in a girls wardrobe is a staple if you don't own one it's good if you can. Because when you have leggings it saves half of your stress of choosing what to wear.

And if you don't like wearing leggings wear plain jeans which fit you properly with a flannel shirt. I'll insert a throwback to give you an idea.

Throwback pic 👆🏼

And this is the outfit i wore today, which is a simple striped shirt and leggings

I hope you all have a good day ahead 😊
And see you in my next blog.


Ootd Thursday

Hello beautiful people 🌹
It's Thursday and we are so close to Saturday am so excited for holidays, nothing much there is to do but still excited.

Whenever you dress yourself just look at the mirror and ask yourself if it looks good on you, don't dress for people. Dress well for yourself and it will build confidence in you.

Am just wearing jeans and a shirt there is nothing new or unique about it but what makes it put together is you very confident with what your wearing.
Some people do wear jeans and shirt but they don't make the right outfit always, look into the mirror and see if thats what makes you look beautiful.

Always put accessories like belt or nice chokers or any accessories you like, I personally feel putting on a belt makes your outfit a lot more put together.

Buy shoes which defines you, if your more of a sandal person try collecting nice pair of sandals, don't just buy shoes which are cheap and which breaks in few weeks, I am not telling you to buy big brands and expensive shoes buy which will last and which doesn't have so much bling bling that is when your outfit will look cheap.

That's it for today , have a wonderful day ahead .
See you again.


Ootd Wednesday ❤️

Hello beautiful people

Today was a beautiful day too, Wednesday feels close to Saturday so it does feel really nice 😊
I felt like going a bit bright today because it was all sunny and the weather was also good.

I am wearing something you can wear when you are too bored to dress up and don't want to be looking bad, so to look super comfy and not look bad at the same time am wearing a white shirt which has a very soft material and the it is really flowy kinda material.
The pants am wearing is really in this summer , you can see lots of celebrities rocking these pants in all different colours and if you want to purchase it its from Zara.

Gold necklaces or any kind of gold jewellery looks good with white so i wore a simple choker.

I thought wearing black or white as shoe is really common so i chose to go with faux fur slippers which are like my recent obsession. It goes with anything and is really comfortable and more than anything it gives statement to your outfit.

Okay this is my ootd hope you all liked it, and see you again tomorrow
Till then take care and smile ❤️


Ootd Tuesday

Today was rainy and partly sunny too so I didn't want to risk by wearing something light and thin so i chose to wear something basic.

I am wearing black denim so that even if it rains I won't be visibly wet with that am wearing a comfy shoes so that if i have to run here and there it'll be easy for me. Because my dress- code has become a little too dark i chose to go with a crop top which has details going on the neck line and it is bright red striped.So this combination would balance out the outfit.

To give everything a bit detail am wearing a belt, it immediately adds a bit spice to the boring black bottoms.

That's it for todays ootd i hope you liked it ❤️ Hope your enjoying college.


My weekly ootd – Monday

Hey everyone ❤️

This week I'll be doing a weekly ootd because there are students who are going to join their colleges and they must be excited as well as nervous like i was when i first entered my college.

To give them ideas what to wear in their college without having the fuss to think every morning what to wear. This week is specially dedicated to the new comers in college.

Monday will be your first day probably so i just wore something very comfortable yet appropriate. Our college does allow dresses but i will prefer to wear something comfortable and nice rather than wearing something you won't be comfortable in.
Am just wearing a simple plain tshirt which you can get anywhere and with that I'm wearing my most comfortable trousers and it is a really nice thing to substitute with jeans, to go with whole my outfit i just put on a slip on vans and made a braid because in that heat you don't want to be looking crazy sweaty.😊.

All the pictures i have here is clicked in my college itself so that you'll get the feel of getting in a new college 🍀
This was my ootd and i hope you all will prosper in your college years and i wish you all a very good future.


5 uses of aloe vera

Aloe vera has lots of benefits and as it is natural so it is very safe to use it.
You can use aloe vera gel in different ways and you can get access to aloe vera in any store or you can use your own plant which is more better.

1. You can use it as a face serum – yes, you can use aloe vera as a face serum instead of wasting so much money buying expensive serum you can take a tiny bit of aloe vera and use it as a face serum.

2. Use it as a hair mask– Oh !yes you heard it right, you can use aloe vera as a hair mask when you apply oil on your hair take aloe vera gel and massage it on your scalps it will help you with hair growth and keeps you hair strong.

3.Face mask- You can use aloe vera as a face mask , before going to bed put a good amount of aloe vera gel on your face and wash it after 20 mins or you can wash it the next morning.

4. Drink it – You get aloe vera juice anywhere and it has lots of benefits and most of all it helps you with digestion, pregnancy , inflammation and many

5. Fights acne and discolouration- Aloe vera is a very good agent which fights with skin discolouration and helps you reduce sun tan. And if you have pimples on your face you can apply it on the affected area with a bit apple cider vinegar and it will disappear without leaving acne scar gradually.

So i hope all these information helps you.
Aloe vera has lots of other benefits too and i love how natural it is.

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How to achieve smooth skin instantly

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the long gap, i was busy because my college started recently and i went for a holiday, but am back now so today i was just experimenting with lemon and salt because i needed to exfoliate my skin and i know lemon is a very good agent to help reduce acne and pimples and salt will act as a exfoliate agent.

First take rose water cleanser or any ordinary soap to clean the part you want to exfoliate.
With this all your skin will be cleaned but not cleansed so then you take coconut oil so that it will moisturise your skin, keep the oil on for 5 minutes and keep massaging with it, i didn't use oil on my face as it is already oily so i just used it on my hands and knees and ankles. This will naturally moisture and after everything is done you don't need a actual moisturiser.
Now wipe the excess oil with a cotton pad and after that squeeze the lemon and take the lemon juice and gently massage it and take the peel of the lemon to dip on the salt and slowly massage it this will exfoliate your skin and you can see the dirt coming off🌹 If you have a gentle and sensitive face don't use it on your face , instead just take the lemon and add honey or aloe vera to massage your face and this will help fight with acne too.
And wash it off with water, you can use normal water or luke warm water. You don't have to use soap, and after washing off ,you pat dry the wet part and you will see the results instantly, you will feel the skin soft and gentle, if you want you can put moisturiser but it is not very needed because coconut oil has done the job.
And i hope this works for you.