Colored hair? Getting damaged?

Do you have your hair dyed more than once like mine? Or you like putting colors and henna on your hair. Today am going to share with you how i keep my hair safe from all that damage. Whatever i did helped me safe my hair and i hope it will help you too.

Before i begin let me tell you that washing your hair with cold water is very important, so never use warm water to wash your hair.Whatever product i use doesn’t mean it will work the same for you, but you can use your own long trusted shampoo and conditioner. Obviously we all need to wash hair and condition our hair to keep that hair from getting damaged. I use Biolage shampoo and conditioner to protect my hair color and to keep it shining. You don’t typically have to use this exact shampoo and conditioner but whatever you are using be careful that it doesn’t have lots of chemicals in it or check for the reviews in google so that you can be sure whatever your using is good and can be trusted .

I never used to like putting oils on my hair because it gets oily anyway so I always thought its useless to put more oil on my hair, but I’ve seen that putting coconut oil really help my hair to grow well and protect my hair too. You can warm your oil if you prefer and put it one day before you wash your hair.If you have very oily hair then don’t wash your hair as often as you do. Coconut oil doesn’t only helps with your hair but your eyelashes and eyebrows too, to grow it more longer use it every night and you will see the results slowly.

Whenever you have your hair dyed or coloured it is very important to give your hair some treatment, even though you do put conditioner it’s not just enough. I use matrix hair masque. And sometimes i use henna hair wax which helps me keep my hair color the way it is. You can buy any kind of hair masque of your choice.

And last thing i want to share is serum that really helps me with the frizzy hair after hair wash. It helps me keep my hair shining too. And I’ve heard many times that using wooden comb also helps your hair regain strength and helps with hairfall. 

Thank you everyone!!

Keep your hair shining 🌸


Travelling somewhere hot?

Summer ! Summer ! Summer!

Everyone is up to some vacation, some people go to different locations to enjoy with their families and friends or loved ones and today I have three summer outfit ideas that you can carry for a short trip to a hot and humid place.

1. A dress is the easiest to wear while you are out of your home town and it’s uber hot where you are. You don’t have to make a fuss about the outfit because the dress makes an outfit by itself. So i prefer carrying some dress or romper with you which is convenient and easy to dress up or down too. You can pair it with any footwear you feel comfortable in, be it sneakers or mules or slipper.

2. Spaghetti top looks good with shorts or denim jeans. You can dress it anyway you like, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts then you can wear denim jeans. Here I’ve paired my spaghetti top with short denim jeans.

3. T-shirts are always good during summers, you can wear it in different ways with different styles too. Have fun with what you have. Here I’ve paired my shirt with denim shorts and my favourite pair of sneakers.

Enjoy your holidays and i hope this helped you to decide what to take with you ☺️ 

Take care, be safe!!

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Travel essentials 

Traveling the whole world is everyone’s dream to achieve, each individual has their own dream place where they want to travel and that one time you get the chance to go and your trip gets ruined because you forgot something with you ! 

So today am going to talk just about travel essentials that you may forget to take with you while you travel. Obviously we need a suitcase to fit all your gems ☺️ Dont forget to mark your suitcase with some tag or anything that you will recognise immediately so that it won’t be confused with some other suitcase.

And then we need our pouch to place our hygiene essentials like toothpaste, toothbrush, face creams, serum and all that you use to clean your self. And if you don’t want to carry the whole bottle then you can buy empty containers from different stores.

And most of the people in haste forget their phone chargers so bring your charger with you and also if possible portable charger are a good option while travelling. 

Sometimes you might be travelling alone and it might get really boring !! Trust me !! So i think at that time your favourite book or air phones could be your best friend while travelling 😊

If your a girl don’t forget to carey rubber bands or clips because you never know when you may need it!! And more important than that you should carry a pack of pads or tampons because even if you know your time for that cramp but your companion travelling like your mother, sister, or friends might need it and they’ll be more than relieved to see that you have the pad.

You might get sick while you travel so do carry some medicines that can help you!! 

Happy travel and travel safe !!! 



Trends in 2017

Being trendy is everyone’s choice and there is no saying that you cannot create your own trend. But there are few trends that follow in our small society that is being inspired from the model world or high end stores .

So let’s see what are the few trends that are being followed and everyone could pull off the look. 

1.First the is very famous bell sleeved trend, be it shirt or a dress or outerwear,having a bell sleeved is being worn by celebrities and many fashion bloggers.

2. Metallic shirt or dress or skirts are also very much in trend, though pulling off this look could be quite a challenge but once you’re in it you’ll look fabulous.

3. Ruffles everywhere, the touch of ruffles on your clothes makes a big difference and it’s quite a trend on dresses. 

4. The big bell pants or the side button pants are quite a steal in the fashion world, we can see lots of bloggers and models and celebrities wear them and rock the streets.

5. The bra shirt trend is seen to be quite chic and sexy and I’ve seen kendal jenner pull off this look quite nice and chic. 

This is it !! There are many trends that you can all create!! Till then lots of love.

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My everyday skin care routine!!

I’ve never thought that going beyond cream and washing your face is so important but ever since I’ve tried out some products I really feel doing few steps for your breakouts and damaged skin is really important.

So the first step i do is cleanse my face , i use the innisfree green tea foaming face wash, most products i use are from innisfree and from the green tea line. I really like the face wash it makes your skin feel soft and refreshed. Sometimes i exfoliate my skin using the neutrogena daily scrub- you can do this once or twice a week. 

And after I’ve done with cleansing i put serum on my face and it hydrates your skin, so i use the innisfree green tea seed serum and it is one of the best sellers of innisfree and it really helps you moisturise your skin .

After the serum i use the innisfree green tea balancing cream, as i have a combination skin so i use this balancing cream, you have different creams for different skin in innisfree, ask them for better prescription. You don’t need a huge amount, just a decent amount is enough to moisturise your skin.

If it’s day and am going out i use Lotus sun block SPF 30 and even if it’s not sunny it’s really important to put on sun block. So don’t forget to apply sun block even in rainy or winter days .

And after everything is done i spray my innisfree green tea mineral mist and that’s it!! This mist helps you nourish your skin and keeps you hydrated. I skip the sun block at night before i go to bed, instead i take coconut oil on my finger and apply it on my eye lashes and eyebrows 🤗 And once in a week i put on sheet masks or clay masks.

So that’s it for the skin routine!! Don’t forget to take care of your skin ❤️


Summer with gladiators!

Summers are my personal fav, it’s always fun being around water and enjoying the loud music and chilling !! I am always a sneaker girl type but when you are living in a hot place like Delhi wearing sneakers can be a second thought for me as your feet gets really hot and humid which is not a great thing.

You can have so much fun things to wear in summers and seriously you don’t even have to take all your closet out for summers,whatever you try to style can be beautiful, maybe that is why most of the people love summer. I’ve been started to change how i normally dress because i think i still dress like a school student -don’t I ?I have been loving footwears especially sneakers but i tried to be more on a girly side and tried out gladiators.



_DSC3220.JPG_DSC3232.JPG So i hope you have a great and chilled summer ❤


Styling kolapuri 🌹

Hello fam 💕

Kolapuri has been my child obsession, I’ve always wanted to wear it in different ways and i think even you like kolapuri as much as i do 🤗Most of the Indian bloggers style their kolapuris as indo- western but here i have few ways that you can style it with🌹

I hope you guys will like it and get inspired. The first look is the most common one which is the indo-western look, kolapuris do look nice with a jeans and a kurta and I’ve paired mine with distressed jeans and a cotton kurta. 

The second look is a formal casual look with kolapuri, I’ve paired it with my favourite trouser and a collar shirt which makes your look formal and casual, I seriously love this look you can look really nice in this style 🌸 

The third look is coachella kind of inspired look with my kolapuri, I’ve styles it with a shorts , a plain white tee and a kimono.

This look is a more of a feminine side of style, i have paired it with my denim skirt and a sweatershirt. This look is cute and comfortable.

The last look is a indian look which is the original way of styling a kolapuri ❤️

Thank you all and sorry for few bad quality pictures because of some camera issues i had to use my phone for few pictures!