My skin care routine

Hello beautiful people,

Here is my skin care routine, I am by no means a professional so please look at the ingredients before you choose to use the products.

I’ve been personally using these products for few months since my skin starting breaking out, and these few things I use suits my skin.

I start with aloe vera on all of my face and neck, aloe vera helps you remove skin burn and tan. After that I massage my face with the roller and wait for five minutes for my aloe vera to soak in my face.

Then I moisturise my face with innisfree bija trouble lotion which also helps with breakouts and is suitable for oily skin. Then for the most important part I use sunscreen which is the essential step in your skin care. If you don’t use this you will face many skin problems and will also wrinkle sooner. So for staying young apply sunscreen.

Then to finish it all off I use innisfree mist. It is really helpful during summer when our skin is quenching and dry.

Aloe vera-ST D’vence

Sunscreen- innisfree water base (SPF 50)

Lotion- Bija trouble lotion ( innisfree)

Mist- innisfree green tea mist

PS- It’s always better to use products from same line to get effective results.


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