My vegan breakfast- healthy

Hi everyone,

I haven’t been posting for a long time because of some personal issues but now am back and today am going to share you my breakfast recipe that i have started to eat and these recipe can be altered according to your preferences.

I am a vegetarian so I don’t eat egg, unlike me if you do eat egg then you can make egg instead of oatmeal if you are on a diet. Oatmeal have lots of carbs and fibre which helps with your digestive system and the carbs will help you stay full for a longer period, by no means i do this for diet but for my health. But if you are on a diet the bowl of oats will contain around 350 calories. And before eating anything i drink lemon tea or plain water.

Just boil plain or flavoured oats in water or almond milk and when it’s done top it up with your favourite fruits and some flax seeds and nuts.

Walaah, here is your bowl of oatmeal with your favourite fruits on top ❤️ If you are on a diet this bowl is perfect to keep you away from other junks for a longer time.

Lots of love

See you next time


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