How i style white shoes !!

Hello beautiful people,

Last time when i polled in Instagram asking which blog would you prefer and most of you chose “styling white shoes”. And if you like to be updated you can follow me on Instagram- perfectlyimperfect326 😊

So today’s blog is all about styling white sneakers and i have been minimal about styling the clothes so that it will be simple and easy.

The first look is the easiest one and this look can be seen pulling off by lot of celebrities. I wore a plain white tee and a light washed denim and if you want you can change the look by wearing a tank top.

And if you are running late and don’t want to look bad and show that you are actually late then joggers are the best idea, it is comfortable and easy 🌹 As i told you i am making a minimal outfit so i am wearing the same tank top with joggers.

we are going into fall so i paired this cute mock sweater with a dress. White and black is the best co-ordination and I really love this outfit because it is cute and fall appropriate ❤️ And if you don’t want to wear dress then wear black jeans and a shirt it can be any color- red, yellow. Red is so in this fall👌

If the place you are living is a bit chill then you wear the whole black outfit and wear bomber or any jacket you like. My fall will go through this outfit a lot – black tee and black denim with a green bomber.

When you wear the same color wearing something which breaks the co-ordination will always looks chic, i am wearing this western belt that i bought from shein.

Thank you everyone

I hope you enjoyed the blog 😊❤️

Till next time xoxo


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