My story of being in live-in relationship 🌿

Yes! People asked a lot of questions, parents objected at first – society’s reaction and what not!

Hello beautiful people ❤️

Today I am going to share a bit about my relationship status so that you will know what the reality of being in live-in relationship is all about.

When we started off being in a relationship in school there was lot of objection and lots of obstacles that came in between us- but we stuck to our commitments. And now we are in a live-in relationship ☺️

Be it a live – in or not, you will have arguments and problems that doesn’t means it is the end of the journey. We should not just forget that person for one mistake and ignore, forgiveness is what keeps your love more held together. Yes being in a relationship you get to know each other much better and you get a lot more closer but in the midst of that happiness, don’t forget your lovely friends, we tend to circle our lives in just that and forget other people.

We fight but at the same time there are memories which would be unforgettable, all the sweetness and the bitterness will become a staircase to your future.

The room we live is now a home to us, be it for a short span or long we never know.

Truthfully speaking it is fun and there won’t be so much trust issues but at the end of the day it’s you who matters to the other person and should know how to be trustworthy.

Disclaimer/ I am not encouraging you to be in a live- in relationship ❤️

Till then 😘


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