Collective Winter Haul

Hi Beautiful People,

I am really excited for winter as i said in my previous blogs, i have been collecting some stuffs for winter. Winter is such an amazing season where you feel the happiness of being warm and cozy. I don’t know is it only me or i feel that during winter even food tastes more better than in summer

Anyway as i said i have been buying stuffs that is winter appropriate, here in Delhi the coldest it can get is 9 degree i assume, and if am not wrong it is not as cold as other countries get. So in this blog i will show you all the things  i have bought for winter or maybe just random stuffs .
This black hoodie from Zara is my new favorite, it’s black which is a good thing because it will match most of the outfits and what’s more interesting is that it has beautiful pearls on the hoods and the sleeves. I know, i know i just said black is easy to match with any outfits but yellow has become my new tfavorite in my wardrobe that gives a pop of color and if you really wear with it a nice pair of jeans and sneakers you will rock  winter 🙂 without being boring black outfit.With the bright color thing going in my wardrobe i bought this white denims from Zara and i feel white jeans are really unique piece of clothing because despite that we know that it will get dirty we should not forget that it can really make you look classy and chic.

And i bought this blush pink knit sweater from HnM and it is a really simple sweater and it is a must for winter, a nice pair of sweater is really important isn’t it?


I have mentioned this jacket in my previous essential blog that a statement jacket is important, i have this faux suede jacket that i got from HnM and it is a steal because i got it on sale- the same kind of jacket costs around 6000 Rs in Zara.  I am not a cap or hat or any head accessory type of girl but i just figured i could try one because i saw a cute beanie in HnM.




White sneakers is a must in your wardrobe no matter what the season is, it seriously goes with any outfit, i bought this classic white superstars and i love how it goes with any outfit, be it with a skirt or shorts or pants anything. And also i got this sling that i saw Jordyn Woods carry kind of similar in her instagram picture and i got it from Zara and the sneakers are from Adidas(i know i already said it’s superstar).

And the last thing am going to show is this Denim jacket that i thrifted from Bangkok. I seriously have no idea what is written behind it but i like the embroidery on it.



Thank you guys for reading my blog.

Take Care and i hope you enjoyed it ❤



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