Travel blog – Bangkok and Pattaya

Travelling makes everything more touristy and we are in the seek to do many different things which we never try. The unknown places and the beauty of this unknown makes us comfortable to be ourselves and not be afraid of the blabbering mouths of the society.

I too was free of this stereotype society for few days, Bangkok is the shopping paradise for ladies especially people who likes to shop everything at a low price. It was such a wonderful city, the day was all filled with busy cars and tuk – tuks going places from places, fishes and roasted meats aura on the streets. It was wonderful to be in such a city where you felt relaxed and chilled and poped up at the same time. I didn’t experience the night much but i did had a good thai massage which was amazing 😁.

Pattaya is not any less than Bangkok it was an amazing place to see families and all kinds of people enjoying and going on speed boats and parasailing and lots of other stuffs, was such an wonderful experience to see the beach. Speed boating was one of the experiences that I won’t forget, it is not scary at all guys – do try it, you will enjoy it.

And my most exciting part of the trip was to go to the safari world because i wanted to see all those wonderful animals and fortunately i got to take a picture with a tiger cub and bunch of oranguntan, they are really sweet.

PS – As far as I remember it took me 600 baht for taking pictures with the tiger cub and Oragutans ( 600 each ).

Thank you everyone

Hope you liked this blog.

See you again in my next blog ❤️


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