My weekly ootd – Monday

Hey everyone ❤️

This week I'll be doing a weekly ootd because there are students who are going to join their colleges and they must be excited as well as nervous like i was when i first entered my college.

To give them ideas what to wear in their college without having the fuss to think every morning what to wear. This week is specially dedicated to the new comers in college.

Monday will be your first day probably so i just wore something very comfortable yet appropriate. Our college does allow dresses but i will prefer to wear something comfortable and nice rather than wearing something you won't be comfortable in.
Am just wearing a simple plain tshirt which you can get anywhere and with that I'm wearing my most comfortable trousers and it is a really nice thing to substitute with jeans, to go with whole my outfit i just put on a slip on vans and made a braid because in that heat you don't want to be looking crazy sweaty.😊.

All the pictures i have here is clicked in my college itself so that you'll get the feel of getting in a new college 🍀
This was my ootd and i hope you all will prosper in your college years and i wish you all a very good future.


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