How to achieve smooth skin instantly

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the long gap, i was busy because my college started recently and i went for a holiday, but am back now so today i was just experimenting with lemon and salt because i needed to exfoliate my skin and i know lemon is a very good agent to help reduce acne and pimples and salt will act as a exfoliate agent.

First take rose water cleanser or any ordinary soap to clean the part you want to exfoliate.
With this all your skin will be cleaned but not cleansed so then you take coconut oil so that it will moisturise your skin, keep the oil on for 5 minutes and keep massaging with it, i didn't use oil on my face as it is already oily so i just used it on my hands and knees and ankles. This will naturally moisture and after everything is done you don't need a actual moisturiser.
Now wipe the excess oil with a cotton pad and after that squeeze the lemon and take the lemon juice and gently massage it and take the peel of the lemon to dip on the salt and slowly massage it this will exfoliate your skin and you can see the dirt coming off🌹 If you have a gentle and sensitive face don't use it on your face , instead just take the lemon and add honey or aloe vera to massage your face and this will help fight with acne too.
And wash it off with water, you can use normal water or luke warm water. You don't have to use soap, and after washing off ,you pat dry the wet part and you will see the results instantly, you will feel the skin soft and gentle, if you want you can put moisturiser but it is not very needed because coconut oil has done the job.
And i hope this works for you.


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