Colored hair? Getting damaged?

Do you have your hair dyed more than once like mine? Or you like putting colors and henna on your hair. Today am going to share with you how i keep my hair safe from all that damage. Whatever i did helped me safe my hair and i hope it will help you too.

Before i begin let me tell you that washing your hair with cold water is very important, so never use warm water to wash your hair.Whatever product i use doesn’t mean it will work the same for you, but you can use your own long trusted shampoo and conditioner. Obviously we all need to wash hair and condition our hair to keep that hair from getting damaged. I use Biolage shampoo and conditioner to protect my hair color and to keep it shining. You don’t typically have to use this exact shampoo and conditioner but whatever you are using be careful that it doesn’t have lots of chemicals in it or check for the reviews in google so that you can be sure whatever your using is good and can be trusted .

I never used to like putting oils on my hair because it gets oily anyway so I always thought its useless to put more oil on my hair, but I’ve seen that putting coconut oil really help my hair to grow well and protect my hair too. You can warm your oil if you prefer and put it one day before you wash your hair.If you have very oily hair then don’t wash your hair as often as you do. Coconut oil doesn’t only helps with your hair but your eyelashes and eyebrows too, to grow it more longer use it every night and you will see the results slowly.

Whenever you have your hair dyed or coloured it is very important to give your hair some treatment, even though you do put conditioner it’s not just enough. I use matrix hair masque. And sometimes i use henna hair wax which helps me keep my hair color the way it is. You can buy any kind of hair masque of your choice.

And last thing i want to share is serum that really helps me with the frizzy hair after hair wash. It helps me keep my hair shining too. And I’ve heard many times that using wooden comb also helps your hair regain strength and helps with hairfall. 

Thank you everyone!!

Keep your hair shining 🌸


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