Travelling somewhere hot?

Summer ! Summer ! Summer!

Everyone is up to some vacation, some people go to different locations to enjoy with their families and friends or loved ones and today I have three summer outfit ideas that you can carry for a short trip to a hot and humid place.

1. A dress is the easiest to wear while you are out of your home town and it’s uber hot where you are. You don’t have to make a fuss about the outfit because the dress makes an outfit by itself. So i prefer carrying some dress or romper with you which is convenient and easy to dress up or down too. You can pair it with any footwear you feel comfortable in, be it sneakers or mules or slipper.

2. Spaghetti top looks good with shorts or denim jeans. You can dress it anyway you like, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts then you can wear denim jeans. Here I’ve paired my spaghetti top with short denim jeans.

3. T-shirts are always good during summers, you can wear it in different ways with different styles too. Have fun with what you have. Here I’ve paired my shirt with denim shorts and my favourite pair of sneakers.

Enjoy your holidays and i hope this helped you to decide what to take with you ☺️ 

Take care, be safe!!


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