Travel essentials 

Traveling the whole world is everyone’s dream to achieve, each individual has their own dream place where they want to travel and that one time you get the chance to go and your trip gets ruined because you forgot something with you ! 

So today am going to talk just about travel essentials that you may forget to take with you while you travel. Obviously we need a suitcase to fit all your gems ☺️ Dont forget to mark your suitcase with some tag or anything that you will recognise immediately so that it won’t be confused with some other suitcase.

And then we need our pouch to place our hygiene essentials like toothpaste, toothbrush, face creams, serum and all that you use to clean your self. And if you don’t want to carry the whole bottle then you can buy empty containers from different stores.

And most of the people in haste forget their phone chargers so bring your charger with you and also if possible portable charger are a good option while travelling. 

Sometimes you might be travelling alone and it might get really boring !! Trust me !! So i think at that time your favourite book or air phones could be your best friend while travelling 😊

If your a girl don’t forget to carey rubber bands or clips because you never know when you may need it!! And more important than that you should carry a pack of pads or tampons because even if you know your time for that cramp but your companion travelling like your mother, sister, or friends might need it and they’ll be more than relieved to see that you have the pad.

You might get sick while you travel so do carry some medicines that can help you!! 

Happy travel and travel safe !!! 



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