Trends in 2017

Being trendy is everyone’s choice and there is no saying that you cannot create your own trend. But there are few trends that follow in our small society that is being inspired from the model world or high end stores .

So let’s see what are the few trends that are being followed and everyone could pull off the look. 

1.First the is very famous bell sleeved trend, be it shirt or a dress or outerwear,having a bell sleeved is being worn by celebrities and many fashion bloggers.

2. Metallic shirt or dress or skirts are also very much in trend, though pulling off this look could be quite a challenge but once you’re in it you’ll look fabulous.

3. Ruffles everywhere, the touch of ruffles on your clothes makes a big difference and it’s quite a trend on dresses. 

4. The big bell pants or the side button pants are quite a steal in the fashion world, we can see lots of bloggers and models and celebrities wear them and rock the streets.

5. The bra shirt trend is seen to be quite chic and sexy and I’ve seen kendal jenner pull off this look quite nice and chic. 

This is it !! There are many trends that you can all create!! Till then lots of love.


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