My everyday skin care routine!!

I’ve never thought that going beyond cream and washing your face is so important but ever since I’ve tried out some products I really feel doing few steps for your breakouts and damaged skin is really important.

So the first step i do is cleanse my face , i use the innisfree green tea foaming face wash, most products i use are from innisfree and from the green tea line. I really like the face wash it makes your skin feel soft and refreshed. Sometimes i exfoliate my skin using the neutrogena daily scrub- you can do this once or twice a week. 

And after I’ve done with cleansing i put serum on my face and it hydrates your skin, so i use the innisfree green tea seed serum and it is one of the best sellers of innisfree and it really helps you moisturise your skin .

After the serum i use the innisfree green tea balancing cream, as i have a combination skin so i use this balancing cream, you have different creams for different skin in innisfree, ask them for better prescription. You don’t need a huge amount, just a decent amount is enough to moisturise your skin.

If it’s day and am going out i use Lotus sun block SPF 30 and even if it’s not sunny it’s really important to put on sun block. So don’t forget to apply sun block even in rainy or winter days .

And after everything is done i spray my innisfree green tea mineral mist and that’s it!! This mist helps you nourish your skin and keeps you hydrated. I skip the sun block at night before i go to bed, instead i take coconut oil on my finger and apply it on my eye lashes and eyebrows 🤗 And once in a week i put on sheet masks or clay masks.

So that’s it for the skin routine!! Don’t forget to take care of your skin ❤️


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