#Haul 1

Shopping is eveyone’s favourite time pass and especially girls they cannot resist shopping. Doing hauls is a really interesting and challenging factor because you may never know what people will think of what you have bought- but who cares your life buy whatever you like and enjoy.

I like shopping a lot and have affection towards fashion. Today I bought few things and the first thing are earrings from Splash. I recently found out that even Splash has really nice earrings which you find in forever 21 and zara, but in splash it is less expensive than those other retailers.

Who hates these dust and extra dirt on our clothes ? I certainly do- so i bought a cute roller from forever 21, it is a essential in our life because you don’t want dirty clothes ☺️

Summer is here and smelling nice can be a challenge because of the heat your always sweating and smelling, so i have this roller perfume from Zara which is small enough to go in any purse and now you don’t have to smell bad 🤗

Trousers are a good statement to replace our normal jeans as I’ve mentioned in my previous blog (replace it) I got the perfect priced trousers from Zara around 20$.

T-shirts are like best friends of summer, buy loads and it won’t be wasted, I personally am a t-shirt girl and you can tuck it or leave it and make different outfits out of shirts 💝

Last thing that i got is a facial brush because you don’t want to look dirty and all tired so keep that skin glowing and keep washing it twice or thrice a day 🌈

Thank you, hope you liked it 🌸

Stay tune for more hauls 📍


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