Replace it☺️

There’s always these clothes and accessories that celebrities wear and we want them too but it’s way out of our budget. Don’t worry there’s always a solution for a problem. I got few things which you can replace to enhance your style better. It doesnt need to be a big change, just a touch up and your good to go 🤗

First are these on the go- slip ons by gucci which will minimum cost you around 400$ which is not in our budget or even if it is I don’t see a reason to buy such expensive shoes when you can find a same shoe in your budget .

This is the gucci shoes which are famous all over instagram and social medias, every fashion blogger owns this kind of shoes,

But there are other retailers who sell the same kind of shoes in a more reasonable price! H&M has the similar shoe which only costs you around 30$, which is a win win situation for you 💕

Another thing that we can replace are jeans with denim skirts( if your comfortable in), not just denim skirts there are lot of other material skirts that you can rock in. You can always find a lot of inspiration from bloggers who style these skirts in a very casual way and you can also get inspired from them.

If your no skirt person type then you can change your jeans with trousers which are so comfortable and good for summers. You can style them with sneakers or sandals, it’s a very nice item for your closet. You can find different materials in Zara

There’s this white sneaker trend going on in every ones shoe closets, white sneakers literally works with every clothing in your wardrobe. Celebrities wear this beautiful gucci embroidered white sneakers which are again out of our budget. And they also style their clothes with adidas, but you can also buy at a low price in Zara and H&M.

In Zara who can get white sneakers in a very good price and it looks nice too.

I hope you all get inspired ❤️🌹


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