Summer essentials 

Sun cream is like a saviour, it’s not just during summer that you put suns cream but also during winters, it’s very useful and protective. Whenever you step out of the house take a good amount and rub it on your face and legs and hands, this will totally be a help to protect your skin☺️

Use any sun cream which you feel is the right spf for you, I personally use NEVIA. Take a small bottle in your bag so you can put it any time you wash your face or wipe your face with your wet wipes, saying of wet wipes do carry a packet of wipes so you don’t have to carry the dirt and sweat 🤗

I don’t really use deodrants but some people use it to prevent smelling and having a fresh arm pit, just try if it’s useful so you can be smell free.

Flip flops are so cute and easy during summers – like you can just throw on the flip flops without being scared how you are looking , cute slippers are always a yes ! 

If you have long hair and you don’t like tying up your hair just carry bands so that you can tie your hair and not feel the extreme heat, sometimes you like leaving your hair open but in summers it’s next to impossible to keep it open, another new thing that i love is lip tint which is smudge free so it won’t melt in the sun 🔥

So these are the few things I feel is important for summers 🌸🌈 

Enjoy your summers ❤️


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