My fav social media celebs

First is my most favourite YouTuber and a blogger. I found her on YouTube and fell in love with her style. She has a great style and when you look at her videos, she naturally inspired you to be someone better and more organised.

2nd is Mel Joy, she is a YouTuber and i found her on YouTube, she is very sweet and her style is very different. She’s such a love ❤️ 

3rd is thatbohogirl she is a indian YouTuber and she writes blog too. Her style is indo-western and does a lot of travelling also, she makes good vlogs on YouTube as well.

4th is imjennim, she is an asian YouTuber and i got to know her from another YouTuber, she is very famous instagrammer, she has very nice sense of dressing. She is beautiful as well.

Last but not the least is Tashie tinks on YouTuber, i don’t know if she has a blog but she does makeup and fashion videos. She has very nice instagram and her feed is very consistent.

So, i hope you guys get to know them more and get inspired like i am inspired ❤️


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