Going on diet?

I personally don’t think anybody needs to go on diet, you really don’t have to be perfect, actually no one is perfect 🌈  Which shape is the perfect shape ? There is no particular shape anyone is satisfied with so be happy with what type of body you have, but if you really want to go on a diet I really recommend you not to force yourself and go hungry to death. Try eating foods which you feel like eating, if you don’t like green vegetables why eat it as a diet? Try eating what you like in a healthy way, like fruits which you like or vegetables that you like. 

Don’t eat what your favourite bloggers or youtuber eat, eat what you want to eat, going on diet doesn’t means eating what others eat . If you don’t like tomatoes why eat it ? Try eating something else . 

Having a cheat day or meal will be needed in your diet, don’t keep yourself hungry and unsatisfied with what your consuming , if you don’t feel eating salads that day than go for a cheat meal or a cheat day . It’s not a harm eating these once or twice, worse is not eating 🙏

Be safe and eat healthy 🤗


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