Casual 🎃

Going casual can be the most comfortable and interesting way of dressing yourself . Lately , I’ve been into buying a bit oversized shirt and tucking it in with a pair of boyfriend jeans or high waisted jeans, i can even wear a nice belt to give more detailing to my pant. I just personally feel going out of the limitation of dressing ourselves should not be limited by ourselves only , we think it won’t suit us but just give it a try maybe it can be your everyday thing ☺️

Would just recommend that you really don’t need makeup or high heels to be looking nice and good , just be you and be confident with what your wearing 🌸

In this pic , am wearing HnM shirt from the men’s section and HnM jeans with my old skool vans 💕

If what you wear doesn’t make you feel comfortable and you keep thinking about how your looking and how your body parts look than i think you should try something else , it’s better to be yourself and comfortable rather than being beautiful and uncomfortable. 

I’ve paired this with my HnM shirt, boyfriend jeans with HnM belt and Forever 21 side bag 😊 Shoes – HnM.

Hope your Monday started well ❤️




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