Live how you want to ❤️

What’s important in life? Is it love that we crave for ? Is it friendship or is it our family that looked after us for so long? Is it money which is not even eternal 👣

I feel the most important thing in life is to be happy and joyous . If your a girl it’s not important that sandals , long hair, nail polishes , make ups and all are compulsion , you can be what you want to be !  Sometimes dressing it up or down can make you happy, doesn’t always mean you should be wearing dresses and taking people’s tantrums for ever… !!

You should know how can you be happy with , you should try different things , wear shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans , pajamas… something which you have never been able to cope up with … maybe you can find a better style for yourself!! Something you’ve never been interested in but when you try it becomes your thing 😸 You understand what am trying to convince right 😄

It’s ok if your life drags you here and there at few moments of time but remember there were also moments when you were happy and everything seemed so perfect 👌 So always be happy and search for that style ❤️


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