Everyone must love themselves 

Love what you wear and most importantly we need to be more comfortable rather than being more stylish outside!! Trust me wearing more comfortable clothes can make you feel more happy and you won’t hesitate whatever progressive work you are doing 😊

But we cannot afford to wear clothes which doesn’t mean to be worn at that certain situation and people you are with!! It’s actually your life whatever you do want to wear but at the end of the day what society thinks does matters a lot❤️ No one can actually tell you how to dress like but atleast with some common sense we can find out our own styles. 

You are special your own way and we need to be proud of that 🙂 I personally feel all of us in this world are beautiful and no one can judge our physical appearance.

It’s almost the end of the sale season guys 😩 but we know we are never satisfied with what we have .. so let’s get tuned when the next sale comes up ❤️

Bomber jacket- Zara

Jeans – Mango 

Boots -Salt and pepper

#fashion #advices #feelings #blogger


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