Know your body type 

It’s really important to know what is your body type – you should try and figure out how your body looks . Some girls really have issues being fat (including me 😅) , but just think properly why should we be worrying when people still accept us in this world and in their life , shopping malls don’t say they don’t have clothes for us or no restaurants say – NO FOOD 🚫 ; I’m sure none of this has ever happened but knowing your body shape and accepting is important too , you are very short and you wear a very pretty thigh boots it’ll definitely look weird , if your very tall and skinny and you wear loose clothes then that’ll look weird too , so never ignore how your body shape is and dress according to that , but if you go for gym and diet and then you have the perfect body then no offence otherwise every body type is very unique and beautiful in its own way!!!


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