My skin care routine

Hello beautiful people,

Here is my skin care routine, I am by no means a professional so please look at the ingredients before you choose to use the products.

I’ve been personally using these products for few months since my skin starting breaking out, and these few things I use suits my skin.

I start with aloe vera on all of my face and neck, aloe vera helps you remove skin burn and tan. After that I massage my face with the roller and wait for five minutes for my aloe vera to soak in my face.

Then I moisturise my face with innisfree bija trouble lotion which also helps with breakouts and is suitable for oily skin. Then for the most important part I use sunscreen which is the essential step in your skin care. If you don’t use this you will face many skin problems and will also wrinkle sooner. So for staying young apply sunscreen.

Then to finish it all off I use innisfree mist. It is really helpful during summer when our skin is quenching and dry.

Aloe vera-ST D’vence

Sunscreen- innisfree water base (SPF 50)

Lotion- Bija trouble lotion ( innisfree)

Mist- innisfree green tea mist

PS- It’s always better to use products from same line to get effective results.


Lazy outfit

Feeling lazy?

There are days when you don’t want to think what to wear and just be all good to go out. I have the perfect outfit to wear when you don’t want to think much but look good.

Whenever I wake up in the morning and already late for my college I don’t waste any more time to think for my outfit. Leggings is a life saver when it’s time to be lazy, so go get a legging and a oversized hoodie and your good to go:)

Leggings- forever 21

Hoodie- H&M (Mens)


Lots of love


College outfit #2

Hello everyone!!

My Friday outfit is casual because you don’t want to try so hard #tgif , I am just wearing a plain white sweater with blue denim jacket and to balance out the outfit wearing a black jeans with converse.

For accessories am wearing a powerless glasses, don’t over do your jewellery because you don’t people to get attracted towards your heavy jewellery. Keep it simple and look confident.

Denim jacket- thrifted

White sweater- H&M

Jeans- Zara

Shoes- converse

My college outfit #2

Hello beautiful people !

My Thursday outfit is causal and chic mixed in one outfit, I really hope you guys get inspired and recreate these looks. I am wearing a light washed denim with a ruffled sweater with Oxfords.

The look is really simple and yet will look really nice on any body shape.

Ruffled sweater- Zara

Jeans – H&M

Oxfords- Zara

My college outfit #2

Hi beautiful people,

Tuesday outfit is chic and a bit more to the dressier side because of the culottes I’m wearing, and the loafers makes it more dressed up, I’ve balanced out my outfit with a bright yellow turtleneck.

I was wearing neutral below and a bright on top, wearing colours is all about this season, try coming out of the black, white and grey zone and experiment with colours.

Culottes- Zara

Turtleneck- H&M

Loafers – Zara

College outfit #2

Hello beautiful people !

My Tuesday outfit is really simple, I am wearing a simple white collar shirt with blue fitted jeans the twist to this simple outfit is the embroidery on it – the embroidered part is helping the plain jeans and shirt to give a lift. Even if you are petite, wearing high top shoes with the right cut jeans doesn’t make you look short.

Denim – Zara

Shirt- Zara girls

Shoes- Converse

Bag – Miniso

College outfit #2

Hello beautiful people!!

I am back with another college outfit week #2. This is the winter version but it cannot be worn during harsh winters, here in the place I live it is around 14-20 C but if you want then you can definitely layer inside if the place your living is very cold.

My Monday outfit is very easy and cozy, I am just wearing a legging with a long sweater, to make the outfit stand out I am wearing a belt.

Overall sweater – H&M

Legging – Forever 21


Shoes – Vans

My vegan breakfast- healthy

Hi everyone,

I haven’t been posting for a long time because of some personal issues but now am back and today am going to share you my breakfast recipe that i have started to eat and these recipe can be altered according to your preferences.

I am a vegetarian so I don’t eat egg, unlike me if you do eat egg then you can make egg instead of oatmeal if you are on a diet. Oatmeal have lots of carbs and fibre which helps with your digestive system and the carbs will help you stay full for a longer period, by no means i do this for diet but for my health. But if you are on a diet the bowl of oats will contain around 350 calories. And before eating anything i drink lemon tea or plain water.

Just boil plain or flavoured oats in water or almond milk and when it’s done top it up with your favourite fruits and some flax seeds and nuts.

Walaah, here is your bowl of oatmeal with your favourite fruits on top ❤️ If you are on a diet this bowl is perfect to keep you away from other junks for a longer time.

Lots of love

See you next time

How i style white shoes !!

Hello beautiful people,

Last time when i polled in Instagram asking which blog would you prefer and most of you chose “styling white shoes”. And if you like to be updated you can follow me on Instagram- perfectlyimperfect326 😊

So today’s blog is all about styling white sneakers and i have been minimal about styling the clothes so that it will be simple and easy.

The first look is the easiest one and this look can be seen pulling off by lot of celebrities. I wore a plain white tee and a light washed denim and if you want you can change the look by wearing a tank top.

And if you are running late and don’t want to look bad and show that you are actually late then joggers are the best idea, it is comfortable and easy 🌹 As i told you i am making a minimal outfit so i am wearing the same tank top with joggers.

we are going into fall so i paired this cute mock sweater with a dress. White and black is the best co-ordination and I really love this outfit because it is cute and fall appropriate ❤️ And if you don’t want to wear dress then wear black jeans and a shirt it can be any color- red, yellow. Red is so in this fall👌

If the place you are living is a bit chill then you wear the whole black outfit and wear bomber or any jacket you like. My fall will go through this outfit a lot – black tee and black denim with a green bomber.

When you wear the same color wearing something which breaks the co-ordination will always looks chic, i am wearing this western belt that i bought from shein.

Thank you everyone

I hope you enjoyed the blog 😊❤️

Till next time xoxo

My story of being in live-in relationship 🌿

Yes! People asked a lot of questions, parents objected at first – society’s reaction and what not!

Hello beautiful people ❤️

Today I am going to share a bit about my relationship status so that you will know what the reality of being in live-in relationship is all about.

When we started off being in a relationship in school there was lot of objection and lots of obstacles that came in between us- but we stuck to our commitments. And now we are in a live-in relationship ☺️

Be it a live – in or not, you will have arguments and problems that doesn’t means it is the end of the journey. We should not just forget that person for one mistake and ignore, forgiveness is what keeps your love more held together. Yes being in a relationship you get to know each other much better and you get a lot more closer but in the midst of that happiness, don’t forget your lovely friends, we tend to circle our lives in just that and forget other people.

We fight but at the same time there are memories which would be unforgettable, all the sweetness and the bitterness will become a staircase to your future.

The room we live is now a home to us, be it for a short span or long we never know.

Truthfully speaking it is fun and there won’t be so much trust issues but at the end of the day it’s you who matters to the other person and should know how to be trustworthy.

Disclaimer/ I am not encouraging you to be in a live- in relationship ❤️

Till then 😘