How i style white shoes !!

Hello beautiful people,

Last time when i polled in Instagram asking which blog would you prefer and most of you chose “styling white shoes”. And if you like to be updated you can follow me on Instagram- perfectlyimperfect326 😊

So today’s blog is all about styling white sneakers and i have been minimal about styling the clothes so that it will be simple and easy.

The first look is the easiest one and this look can be seen pulling off by lot of celebrities. I wore a plain white tee and a light washed denim and if you want you can change the look by wearing a tank top.

And if you are running late and don’t want to look bad and show that you are actually late then joggers are the best idea, it is comfortable and easy 🌹 As i told you i am making a minimal outfit so i am wearing the same tank top with joggers.

we are going into fall so i paired this cute mock sweater with a dress. White and black is the best co-ordination and I really love this outfit because it is cute and fall appropriate ❤️ And if you don’t want to wear dress then wear black jeans and a shirt it can be any color- red, yellow. Red is so in this fall👌

If the place you are living is a bit chill then you wear the whole black outfit and wear bomber or any jacket you like. My fall will go through this outfit a lot – black tee and black denim with a green bomber.

When you wear the same color wearing something which breaks the co-ordination will always looks chic, i am wearing this western belt that i bought from shein.

Thank you everyone

I hope you enjoyed the blog 😊❤️

Till next time xoxo


My story of being in live-in relationship 🌿

Yes! People asked a lot of questions, parents objected at first – society’s reaction and what not!

Hello beautiful people ❤️

Today I am going to share a bit about my relationship status so that you will know what the reality of being in live-in relationship is all about.

When we started off being in a relationship in school there was lot of objection and lots of obstacles that came in between us- but we stuck to our commitments. And now we are in a live-in relationship ☺️

Be it a live – in or not, you will have arguments and problems that doesn’t means it is the end of the journey. We should not just forget that person for one mistake and ignore, forgiveness is what keeps your love more held together. Yes being in a relationship you get to know each other much better and you get a lot more closer but in the midst of that happiness, don’t forget your lovely friends, we tend to circle our lives in just that and forget other people.

We fight but at the same time there are memories which would be unforgettable, all the sweetness and the bitterness will become a staircase to your future.

The room we live is now a home to us, be it for a short span or long we never know.

Truthfully speaking it is fun and there won’t be so much trust issues but at the end of the day it’s you who matters to the other person and should know how to be trustworthy.

Disclaimer/ I am not encouraging you to be in a live- in relationship ❤️

Till then 😘

Collective Winter Haul

Hi Beautiful People,

I am really excited for winter as i said in my previous blogs, i have been collecting some stuffs for winter. Winter is such an amazing season where you feel the happiness of being warm and cozy. I don’t know is it only me or i feel that during winter even food tastes more better than in summer

Anyway as i said i have been buying stuffs that is winter appropriate, here in Delhi the coldest it can get is 9 degree i assume, and if am not wrong it is not as cold as other countries get. So in this blog i will show you all the things  i have bought for winter or maybe just random stuffs .
This black hoodie from Zara is my new favorite, it’s black which is a good thing because it will match most of the outfits and what’s more interesting is that it has beautiful pearls on the hoods and the sleeves. I know, i know i just said black is easy to match with any outfits but yellow has become my new tfavorite in my wardrobe that gives a pop of color and if you really wear with it a nice pair of jeans and sneakers you will rock  winter 🙂 without being boring black outfit.With the bright color thing going in my wardrobe i bought this white denims from Zara and i feel white jeans are really unique piece of clothing because despite that we know that it will get dirty we should not forget that it can really make you look classy and chic.

And i bought this blush pink knit sweater from HnM and it is a really simple sweater and it is a must for winter, a nice pair of sweater is really important isn’t it?


I have mentioned this jacket in my previous essential blog that a statement jacket is important, i have this faux suede jacket that i got from HnM and it is a steal because i got it on sale- the same kind of jacket costs around 6000 Rs in Zara.  I am not a cap or hat or any head accessory type of girl but i just figured i could try one because i saw a cute beanie in HnM.




White sneakers is a must in your wardrobe no matter what the season is, it seriously goes with any outfit, i bought this classic white superstars and i love how it goes with any outfit, be it with a skirt or shorts or pants anything. And also i got this sling that i saw Jordyn Woods carry kind of similar in her instagram picture and i got it from Zara and the sneakers are from Adidas(i know i already said it’s superstar).

And the last thing am going to show is this Denim jacket that i thrifted from Bangkok. I seriously have no idea what is written behind it but i like the embroidery on it.



Thank you guys for reading my blog.

Take Care and i hope you enjoyed it ❤


Trip to Mussoorie

How can anyone be in north and not be in this beautiful place, the view from this is magical. Mussorie is really a beautiful place, it is a hill station located 3hours

from Dehradun.

After long time travelling in a bus and the view along the way is a fabulous feeling, after living in a hectic city with all the noises and pollution, going to a hill station will make you be in peace ✌🏼 I know am going to a cold place around 19•C during july so i was wearing my most comfortable joggers with my favourite shirt, I didn’t want to be uncomfortable while I was travelling for 6 hours in bus so while travelling it’s best when you wear what makes you the most comfortable.

Here are few pictures of Mussorie and it’s beauty.

It was cold and raining so i took a denim jacket and chose a black denim jeans which you can change the look whenever you want. Black denims are a must in your wardrobe, they are life savers when you don’t understand what your outfit is going to.

Shirt- Zara

Denim jacket- thrifted from Bangkok Pants -forever 21

Fanny pack- HnM

Shoes- Vans classic

These are few outfits am wearing during my short trip ❤️

If you go during winter i think you should carry more jackets, it can be really cold there.

Enjoy your day

See you in the next blog 🌹

Winter essentials

Hello beautiful people

Winter is right around the corner and am really excited for winter ( is it only me that’s excited?) Well, winter can be really tricky because we need to layer a lot when it gets colds and we don’t want to dress up because we feel lazy, but don’t worry here are some winter staples which can be used for layering and you don’t have to try so much too.

The most important layering in winter is a legging, when you wear jeans and its still cold ,layer a leggings beneath the denim so that it won’t get so cold. Leggings can be worn in such different manner, you can wear two leggings in order to maintain the look of being your own body shape and not bulging with clothes and pair it with a oversized hoodie and your good to go 👌

As coming to hoodie , it is also an winter staple because you can wear hoodie with denim jacket, bomber and any kinds of jacket and it does it’s job of keeping you warm as well as making you look good.

bers have been everyone's favourite last season and am sure it still will be a favourite in this season too. Bombers are bomb for sure, you can find so many celebrities wearing a bomber and a legging and rocking the look, if it is kind of colder in your region then wear a flannel shirt and a sweater and then a bomber- trust me you will be warm and you won't look ugly 😊 which makes me saying that sweaters and flannels are staples for your wardrobe too. Flannels have been passing down from generations and still lots of fashionistas wear it.

A good pair of denim jacket or a biker jacket is really cool to spice things up in your wardrobe – be warm inside and look cool and put together outside 🤙🏻

What is winter without boots ❤️ Any kind of boots helps you maintain the look , just a sweater and a denim with boots is a complete put together outfit, and i would also include having a nice pair of sneakers, they are not just winter staples but a wardrobe staple.

And if I haven’t forgotten anything else i think accessories are important, like a scarf or a belt , it really boosts up the look and makes winter even more exciting and fun to play your taste with.

Thank you and i hope you enjoyed the blog ❤️

See you next time 😊

PS Few picture credit goes to Subhi sachan. Follow her on wordpress- and her blog is amazing 😉

Travel blog – Bangkok and Pattaya

Travelling makes everything more touristy and we are in the seek to do many different things which we never try. The unknown places and the beauty of this unknown makes us comfortable to be ourselves and not be afraid of the blabbering mouths of the society.

I too was free of this stereotype society for few days, Bangkok is the shopping paradise for ladies especially people who likes to shop everything at a low price. It was such a wonderful city, the day was all filled with busy cars and tuk – tuks going places from places, fishes and roasted meats aura on the streets. It was wonderful to be in such a city where you felt relaxed and chilled and poped up at the same time. I didn’t experience the night much but i did had a good thai massage which was amazing 😁.

Pattaya is not any less than Bangkok it was an amazing place to see families and all kinds of people enjoying and going on speed boats and parasailing and lots of other stuffs, was such an wonderful experience to see the beach. Speed boating was one of the experiences that I won’t forget, it is not scary at all guys – do try it, you will enjoy it.

And my most exciting part of the trip was to go to the safari world because i wanted to see all those wonderful animals and fortunately i got to take a picture with a tiger cub and bunch of oranguntan, they are really sweet.

PS – As far as I remember it took me 600 baht for taking pictures with the tiger cub and Oragutans ( 600 each ).

Thank you everyone

Hope you liked this blog.

See you again in my next blog ❤️

Travel blog – KL

Hi everyone,

Once again am back with a travel story, and how was my experience. Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia was a really nice and a big place. As soon as you enter the city you will see the Twin tower and it looks really majestic also. The people here are much friendlier than Singapore. There are lots of historical places that we went to visit and it was nice knowing all of that.

I totally recommend visiting Sunway lagoon in KL because it is really a good place where we can relax and enjoy. Anyone of any age can enjoy here, there are lots of games and activities you can enjoy here be it water games or thrillers, anything. Totally recommend this place 👌

You can enjoy their cuisine and try new food, but if you don’t like sweet food than i guess you should be ready for that. I personally will carry a bottle of spice next time i go because I couldn’t digest the sweet food. Others was all ok and good, people here are really helpful and nice too.

Whatever life gives you has a reason, accept and cherish.

So that’s it , i hope you like it 😊

Have a nice day, see you again

Travel blog – Singapore

Hi guys,

Few months back i went for a trip, after all the hectic pressure of studying ( not really) I really needed a break. And Singapore was a real experience, it is a really beautiful country and very advanced too.

The weather was very nice and sunny at the same time. I went to the very famous Merlion park where we can see the infinity pool and the ferris wheel which is second largest in the world after London eye.Everything in Singapore was very nice and clean but i will say that it is a expensive country.

As i went for a trip in a package so I couldn’t move around much, but they took us to the Sentosa island and it was a really nice place, definitely a good place for children and adults. The place is huge and has faux beaches and also different activities as well and if you have much time then you can enjoy movie on a big ground or watch their 20 mins water movie which is absolutely beautiful.

And we had a day free so me and my mom went to explore Orchard road which is a street full of luxury shopping shops and you can get most of the brands here, you can get the normal brands like Zara, HnM but make sure to wear something comfortable because the whole street is full of shops and you will have yo walk a lot and explore.

So that was my experience to Singapore 🇸🇬.

Nice experience would like to visit again ❤️

Till then take care and have a nice day.

My ootd – Friday

Hello beautiful 🌹
Finally it's Friday and i hope you guys are as excited as i am because who doesn't likes holidays right 😊

What am i wearing today is as simple as am what going to say- it's just a shirt and a legging, having a leggings in a girls wardrobe is a staple if you don't own one it's good if you can. Because when you have leggings it saves half of your stress of choosing what to wear.

And if you don't like wearing leggings wear plain jeans which fit you properly with a flannel shirt. I'll insert a throwback to give you an idea.

Throwback pic 👆🏼

And this is the outfit i wore today, which is a simple striped shirt and leggings

I hope you all have a good day ahead 😊
And see you in my next blog.

Ootd Thursday

Hello beautiful people 🌹
It's Thursday and we are so close to Saturday am so excited for holidays, nothing much there is to do but still excited.

Whenever you dress yourself just look at the mirror and ask yourself if it looks good on you, don't dress for people. Dress well for yourself and it will build confidence in you.

Am just wearing jeans and a shirt there is nothing new or unique about it but what makes it put together is you very confident with what your wearing.
Some people do wear jeans and shirt but they don't make the right outfit always, look into the mirror and see if thats what makes you look beautiful.

Always put accessories like belt or nice chokers or any accessories you like, I personally feel putting on a belt makes your outfit a lot more put together.

Buy shoes which defines you, if your more of a sandal person try collecting nice pair of sandals, don't just buy shoes which are cheap and which breaks in few weeks, I am not telling you to buy big brands and expensive shoes buy which will last and which doesn't have so much bling bling that is when your outfit will look cheap.

That's it for today , have a wonderful day ahead .
See you again.